Re: Cyber-Twin


From the manual, Master Volume uses CC#7 (MIDI Standard).  Then further down, CC#109 also says it is Master volume, Gain is CC#102, and there is a separate volume control assigned to CC#103.  The Gain and Volume controls obviously map to the same controls on the front of the amp.  One or both of the Master Volume CC's will match the Master knob - I'd guess both, but you'll probably have to try it to find out for sure.

So, in the FCB1010 editor, set the pedal you want for volume to CC#07, if you want to control Master volume, or CC 103 for the channel volume.  The Wah is a bit of an issue.  There is no mention in the manual about MIDI control for Wah.  It does mention CC#110 controls "FX Level", with CC#'s 111 through 114 controlling "FX Value 1" through "FX Value 4".  On Page 16 begins a list of all the effects and their editable values, and it even explains FX Level and the FX Values.  So here's my take:  Set Wah to the Active effect on the amp.  You can only control whatever the active effect is.  We're going to use FX Value 1, so the second control in the list.  On the plus side, there looks to be several other effects you could use the same FCB setup for, including rotary, phaser, and tremolo.

In the FCB1010 editor, set the pedal you want to control the Wah to CC#111.  If their list implies what I think it does, when Pedal Wah is the Active Effect, then:

CC#    What it Does when Pedal Wah is Active
110     Wah amount  (dry/wet?)
111     Wah (std wah pedal?)  <<==== This should be the Wah Pedal frequency sweep.
112     Heel freq.
113     Toe freq.
114     Wah Type

You could use an FCB Footswitch for Wah Type, since there's only two values.  Try setting it to send CC#114 and toggle between 00 and 127 (typical for a toggle using MIDI).  Heal and Toe frequency could also be set using a footswitch - in fact, since each footswitch can send two CC's, one switch can set both.  Choose a footswitch and set the first CC# to 112, then enter a number from 0-127 to represent the Heel frequency.  Set the second CC# to 113 and enter the Toe Freq.  The manual doesn't even try to give a chart of what number maps to what frequency, so you'll have to experiment.  The easiest way is to set the Wah pedal up, connect it to the amp, activate the Pedal Wah effect on the amp and use it.  Watch the numbers in the FCB1010 display.  When you get the low pedal setting where you want it, write down that number.  Same for high setting.  They'll be your Heel and Toe settings, respectively.  I know most people just accept whatever the Wah pedal gives them and use muscle memory to stop where it sounds best, but this would make it a bit easier if the amp sim goes too far in one or both directions for your liking.

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