Re: expression pedal and continuous controller


I don't use a Cyber Twin. Very few people do.
Nor do I use many of the several dozen other MIDI devices and applications that I regularly assist others in using.
As a former programmer and all-around IT professional I AM very good at reading manuals, which is usually all that it takes.

I can give you a sysex that you can install on your FCB to control your Cyber Twin.
I can teach you how to do it yourself.
I CANNOT read your mind, nor can I do the actual work for you.
You WILL need to answer my questions and follow my directions.
You may also have to read some directions from a manual. I can help you with understanding them, but I WON'T RE-TYPE them here.

You first asked about the tuner 10 years ago.
The answer is to send the Cyber Twin PC#127.
Do you want to be able to do that from EVERY FCB Bank? Or from Pedal 10 in one bank only?
You want to be able to use your left (inside) Expression Pedal for something.
What Cyber Twin parameter, exactly, from the list I provided, would you like to use it for?
Or would you like to be able to control different parameters from different banks?

To create and install the sysex required to use the FCB to control the Cyber Twin, will you be using an Editor such as the FREE Ed Dixon/MtnSys editor located in the Files section of this forum(

Or will you be using the Behringer direct on the device method? I HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you use the Editor!

I will be more than happy to assist you with using your FCB with your Cyber Twin.
Please consider the questions I've just asked because, without the answers you can't be helped, by anyone.

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