Re: How to program Guitar Rig 5 with FCB/UnO editor ? #wanted


You should read the ControlCenter manual. See the two folder icons below the big round CONNECT icon? Once you have a working sysex (test with the Virtual FCB and the left side monitor available by clicking Global Setting a couple times), you use one of those Folder icons to DOWNLOAD the sysex to the FCB. Then you use the OTHER one to upload the modified (hopefully) contents of the FCB for verification. You can also verify by using the right side monitor (click the little connect icon so it turns RED). That monitor shows what happens when you operate a pedal on the REAL FCB.

Depending on what version of UNO you have (pre 1.04, maybe pre 1.03), you may have to manually activate sysex download on the FCB itself. This only needs to be done once, unless you do a factory reset.

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