Re: Total newbie Installation


OK, first, I apologize for steering you to the wrong Editor. The one I asked you to install doesn't run on MAC, and I forgot that you were using a MAC.
Unfortunately, I have the UNO chip in my FCB. The Editor you installed is not compatible with UNO.
So, while the sysex I sent should work with your editor, I can't step by step you through this, but I'll try.
There is an editor that runs on both our machines, but it's not free.
Let's see what we can do before I make you spend the $20 that the hands down best FCB editor would cost.

The following instructions are based on what I can see of your THU MIDI configuration in your video. See attached THU screenshot.

First, open THU. Manually select preset. 1. EDIT: Now press pedal 10. Did the preset change?
           Try LEARN on one of the effects in the preset using pedal 1. Did it work?
           Close THU.
           Open your Editor. Select Options>MIDI Devices. Make sure that the UM is selected for I/O.
           Close the dialog. Select MIDI>Receive and do whatever that editor requires to receive the contents of your FCB.
           Select VIEW>Banks. It should look like the attached Editor screenshot.
         You did not successfully load the sysex to your FCB.
Are you using two cables?
Is the FCB OUT port connected to the Interface IN port?
AND vice versa for the other cable.
Turn OFF the FCB. Restart while holding the DOWN pedal. When the green led in GLOBAL CONFIGURATION>DIRECT SELECT lights, press the UP pedal twice so that the CONFIG led is lit. Press pedal 7 so that it's led lights. press and hold the DOWN pedal until the display returns to 00.
Open your editor, open the sysex, select MIDI>SEND. The display should turn off, then return to 00.
Select VIEW>MIDI>Input Messages. This is your MIDI Monitor. Test the pedals. Do they send the messages as I described above?

IF NO then get back to me and we'll talk some more.
It may be that in order for us to be on the same page you'll need to get the UNO_ControlCenter Editor that I mentioned.

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