Re: How to lower Exp. pedal's volume of stock FCB1010?


Are you using Guitar Rig standalone, or as a plugin?  If a plugin, you have to do all MIDI assignment through the DAW, or on the FCB1010 itself.  For Standalone, I can't find any information.  I do Not have GR5 myself, so I can't help much there.

You can do it by reprogramming the FCB1010.  I'm going to assume you know how, but if not, let us know which editor you're using, and someone can step you through it.  Select a preset (footswitch and bank) to use and find the Exp Pedal settings for that preset.  Enter 30 as the lower 'Value' parameter and 100 as the upper. These are usually set to 0 and 127.  If you want to be able to change the expression pedal back to full range, just use a different preset and program the default numbers.

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