Re: Total newbie Installation

Buzzer Man

Ok, I decided to grab the UNO editor. Yet prior to learning that I did successfully get the sysex file into the FCB (Bank file looks the same as your screenshot) and was able to hit Learn in the midi area of TH-U. Yet when I manually selected bank 1, Preset 1 in Th-U and then pressed 10 on the FCB as you suggested, the program did change. Yet I'm not clear on how to make a pedal (say pedal #2) just turn the delay on or off. I see "how" to do it in TH-U and can go thru the process but doing it just changes to a new the preset matching pedal I'm hitting.


Yet I am getting somewhere! :) Lets' move forward talking about the UNO. I attached a screenshot to make sure I do in fact have the right editor! I have all the settings in the UNo for the Um One and it shows as this is all good. Just one question on that:

Input: Channel 1
Controller: Channel 1
Output: Channel 1

That's how I set it.


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