Re: Total newbie Installation


Dude, that's not even RELATED to the UNO_ControlCenter Editor! Hope you didn't buy it......
Here's the link to the right Editor:

"I did successfully get the sysex file into the FCB (Bank file looks the same as your screenshot) and was able to hit Learn in the midi area of TH-U. Yet when I manually selected bank 1, Preset 1 in Th-U and then pressed 10 on the FCB as you suggested, the program did change. Yet I'm not clear on how to make a pedal (say pedal #2) just turn the delay on or off. I see "how" to do it in TH-U and can go thru the process but doing it just changes to a new the preset matching pedal I'm hitting."

Sounds like you STILL don't have the sysex loaded on the FCB. I'm guessing that you loaded the sysex file into your editor, and that's what you're seeing on the BANKS screen.

Open your Editor. Select OPTIONS>FCB1010. Make sure your I/O is set to the UM1. See attached screenshot buzzerman123 I-O.
Click OK. Select VIEW>MIDI>Input Messages. See attached screenshot buzzerman123 MIDI Monitor Step 1.
Click EDIT. Step on all the FCB pedals 1-10. The screen should look like screenshot buzzerman123 MIDI Monitor Step 2.
The very last number in the far right column is the VALUE.

If the MIDI Monitor screen does not look like the screenshot, you'll probably be seeing just Program Change Messages.
The sysex was NOT loaded to the FCB.

Open your Editor. Select Options>MIDI Devices. Make sure that the UM is selected for I/O.
Close the dialog. Select MIDI>SEND and do whatever that editor requires to receive the contents of your FCB.
Select VIEW>Banks. It should look like the attached Editor screenshot.

Now it should work as described.

NO? OK, I'm tired of trying to describe how to use a second rate Editor with my incompatible chip.
Soon you'll have the REAL UNO_ControlCenter Editor, and we can get this done with MUCH less aggravation.

I'll be out for the rest of the day. What Time Zone are you in? I'm in the Rocky Mtn Time Zone (Colorado USA).
When you've got ContolCenter loaded up, let me know (tomorrow) and let's get this thing working. I'll be around before 1PM (my time) and after 5PM.

FYI - Once you've paid for the ControlCenter License you'll be sent a Registration Key. It's an automated process, so if you don't have it in 30 minutes, check your Junk Mail folder. Start by READING THE MANUAL (DL at the bottom of the above linked page).           

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