Another Question about the UnO Chip and Software


Hello again. I've been using my FCB stock. I've been using it with my Line 6 M13 effects unit and pretty much figured out some cool things to do with it stock.

I ran into a situation this past week where I could have actually used it as a foot controller for a Synth to play notes with it - to use like old Taurus Pedals for example (I know it doesn't make its own sounds, I'd just be triggering a synth bass patch with it via MIDI).

So my question now is, if I were to use the UnO chip, could I set it up so say Bank 0 - 5 were in stombox mode, while banks 6-9 were set so the 10 footswitches sent Note Messages to play synth pitches? Can I "mix and match" like that?

I'm still not totally clear on with the UnO chip if you can just have every bank be different arrangements, or if once you've set up stompox mode it's always on for every bank on at least the top or bottom row.

If not I can always by a 2nd FCB and use it with keys. Even stock it would work pretty well for that.

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