88 msg + won't let me factory reset


Hey everyone! I searched the threads and couldn't find a solution, so apologies if I missed something! I recently got an FCB1010 (using the chip it comes with, no upgrades) and I was trying to send program it to send midi messages to MaxMSP. I got sort of close from doing the programming via 'riverdance' (lol) but it would send multiple numbers, sometimes weird numbers that I didn't program, etc. I had a friend help me out, and downloaded the FCB1010 Manager, but I made the mistake of opening it when my FCB was plugged into my computer (with both midi in and out plugged in), and ever since then, I get the flashing 88 when I turn on my FCB. 

I didn't send anything to it when I opened the Manager, but that is definitely when the problem started. Other info: I'm using a Roland UM-ONE mk2, going into an apple USB C adapter, with my mid-2019 Macbook Pro. 

I can't factory reset, I can't turn it on in global config mode, I can't do a pedal calibration, it always turns on with the 88. I can get it to stop blinking if I go to edit on of the pedals, but it doesn't solve anything, since it still sends multiple numbers, or nothing at all, to Max... ughhh

I'm hoping there is a fix, I guess worst case scenario I'll try getting one of the upgrade chips, but does anyone have any recommendations to try before that? Will the upgrade chip even help with this? Thanks in advance!

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