Re: Fixed Flashing '88' problem!

Michael King

You can look up the instructions online. It’s pretty simple. You take off the bottom, and you’ll see the EEPROM Chip. It will have a paper tag on it. You very carefully pry the chip up. Moving around the chip so that it comes out as evenly as possible. Note the orientation on the Chip. It can be installed incorrectly. Take a picture of the chip before you remove it. That way you’ll have a reference when replacing the chip. Push the new chip down evenly, and make sure it’s seated properly. Good luck!!

On Tue, Mar 3, 2020 at 12:45 PM anna <meadorsanna@...> wrote:
(I realize this is probably hopeless asking 10 years later but...) I'd also like to know how you replaced the RAM chip! I have a brand new, completely useless unit and I'm very sad. :( :( 

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