Re: 88 msg + won't let me factory reset


This is most certainly NOT anything you did, unless you zapped it with a taser or hooked the MIDI jack up to mains power.  The factory reset is hard coded into the unit and should always work.  If you cannot factory reset, your FCB1010 is defective and you should get a replacement (if you bought it new) or a refund.  I have no doubt that whatever is wrong is an easy fix, but at the rates repair shops charge you're better off just returning the unit.

Should you have some reason you can't or don't want to return it, there are a couple things to try.  The first is getting a new PROM - the firmware chip.  My guess is it's something electronic that failed, so it's a long shot, but the UnO chip is only $20 or so.  Next if you have a friend or someone you trust that works in the electronics industry you can ask to take a look, give them a shot. Most repair shops will charge you well over half the price of a new FCB1010.  Unless you bought it for next to nothing, it's not worth it.

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