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Michael King

Correct Chris. I haven’t played with my 1010 in years. I think I misunderstood what the young lady was asking. Anyway...that’s what happens when you get old and fighting cancer. Thank you for reminding me of the difference. 

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Regarding Anna's question about EPROM vs. RAM, for general Info:
RAM stands for Random Access Memory.  It is typically 'volatile', meaning it loses all of it's information when you remove power from the chip.
ROM stands for Read Only Memory.  The original ROM chips were typically permanently programmed at the factory, could not be programmed by users, and were not erasable.
PROM is Programmable Read Only Memory.  User programmable with a "PROM Programmer" that uses a higher voltage (typically 12 v) to blow fuses that permanently program the memory chip.
EPROM is Erasable Programmable... you get the picture.  Also user programmable with a different programmer, these have a quartz window in the top so UV light can erase the chip and it can be reprogrammed.  It made PROM chips reusable, even though erasing them took up to 12 hours.  Many were designed to match the pinout of a PROM so they could be a drop-in replacement.
EEPROM is Electrically Erasable...  Sending the right signals to the pins of an EEPROM erases it so you can program it again.  Only takes a few seconds to erase.
In many cases, all of these are referred to as ROMs, and all but the plain ROM can be referred to as PROMs.  Most modern microprocessors have EEPROM built in, reducing the need for an external ROM chip of any kind.
The FCB1010 has One 256 KB EPROM that holds the Firmware, and one external 32 KB RAM chip, along with the 80C32 microprocessor that has it's own 256 bytes of RAM.

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