Re: Programming flowchart X-Air 18


Oh boy.. here we go...  Please look up the MIDI interface compatibility list here (In the Files section?  Someone correct me if that's wrong).

If you get a cheap MIDI interface, it will NOT work with many editing programs.  Those programs have to send something called a MIDI SYSEX message to the FCB1010 in order to program it.  It's a large block of data, and the cheaper MIDI interfaces don't have the memory to store the whole thing.  USB being much faster than MIDI, the device has to buffer the data (store it) then send the MIDI out at the slower rate.  When you're just sending Notes and MIDI commands, they're usually slow enough that it doesn't fill the memory.  The SYSEX block is quite large, and once the memory is full in the MIDI interface, it starts losing data.  The checksum for the data will obviously fail, and you won't be able to program the FCB1010.  Known working MIDI Interfaces:  Roland UM1, iConnectivity, Behringer, and the Behringer and Focusrite Audio interfaces that include MIDI.  There are many others, but these are the ones I remember off the top of my head.

Some editor programs are hard to use as well.  If you have any issues, please ask here for recommendations for something that will work better.

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