Brand New dummy ;-)

Matt Miller

Hi all
          I bought an FCB years ago, and havn't used it as I'm 99% a Busker....outdoors on Batteries! :-)
But now, I'm starting to book indoor gigs.  I'm a computer pro....but a rank beginner.with MIDI
So I apologize for asking for help as I've been  getting emails for years...... you get the idea

I want to use my FCB to control my Native Guitar Rig 5 and my Roland GR9 Guitar Synth

So do I need the UNO?  And editor?  $50 is not make or break me $.....but If I don't need?
If you recommend that I should, then I will :-)

I want to be able to use the Pedals to change sounds in the Roland and Guitar Rig
and use the Volume and Wah

Thats all :-)

Thank you in advance !!!
Very Kind of you!

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