Re: Brand New dummy ;-)

Matt Miller

Dear EJ
           You THE man,   You are sooooo kind in helping everyone !
Starting at the end of your letter.......The reason I use my Laptop, is for 2 things.
1.  Its my outdoor battery backup BAND !  I use Sound Forge to play ~ 50 different Loops/songs :-)
2.  As well as my effects, via Native Guitar Rig
( I can even run a Mic and my guitar in separate stereo channels in GR :-)  )

As an Outdoor Busker.......since the Laptop is running on Battery, as everything else........ its a 'keeper' :-)

Since the FCB is soooo huge.....I was thinking that it would be nice to have the GR Synth under my chair ( I sit), out of the way.
with the FCB controlling it.
I only use ~ 8 presets on the GR Synth, and only ~ 2 mainly from Guitar Rig ( could be 4-8 if I can get this all working)
I do want the Wah :-)

So, as you suggest  I'll buy the Software.........and see if that's enough for me :-)

The money.....and ........I really do LOVE my quad Delay in Guitar Rig

fyi...Everything I run has its own state of the art, rechargeable batts!
Roland Cube Street EX
A Video Lighting 12V Battery Belt powers my Synth :-)
Behringer ( 2 - 9V) Mixer
and Laptop ...which powers my Focusrite 2x4 USB Audio with Native GR Effects and Band :-)

Here's my schtick with tons of video samples

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