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Michael McInerney <mickiemac@...>

I’m new to it as well.

What I’ve found is that you have to turn off program change (switches 1-5) and turn on send and receive (6&7) then also turn on the expression pedal (either 8 or 9 depending). After that set the values and channels. So to do the volume pedal you highlight pedal 8, set it at Number ___. Try 1. Then set the value of 1 to 00 and Value 2 to 127.

After that you can go into Ableton, click midi map and then try the volume pedal which should map then.

FWIW, I spent ages setting up my pedal by pushing the buttons because I found the midi edit utility clunky.

I found this pretty useful:


I’m sure that many others have other (possibly better) ways of doing this.

Once you get over this little hump, you’ll be rockin it.


Programming your fcb will give you heaps of isolation time so have fun and stay well 😊



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I am new to this beast and yes I am experiencing the learning curve.  I am trying to control master volume (or any slider or knob really) in Ableton Live with the expression pedal. I have attached my current set up, transmitted to the FCB1010 then received it back in the editor to be sure the setup was saved.  I went into midi map in Ableton, clicked the volume control and moved the pedal but no mapping was recorded in Ableton. Can anyone tell me how to map the expression pedal to the volume control in Ableton? 

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