Conflict with controllers in Ableton? FCB1010 midi mapping works then fails

Len Brown

I have several things going on. I am working with Ableton Live 9 suite. I have an MPC40 Mk 2, and MPD218 and a MPK mini in addition to the FCB1010.
1.  I am using the FCB1020 script because I am unable to run the FCB1010 script except in adminstrrator mode.  Is there anyway to make FCB1010 script available in live in non administrator mode? Can I just choose no script to make the FCB1010 do only what I set up?
2.  I set up the FCB1010 to send midi notes for each pedal.  Start Ableton Live.  I mapped pedal 6 to arm track 1, pedal 1 to launch clip #1 in track one. I push pedal 6 to arm, then pedal 1 to launch the clip.  Clip records.  I am not recording anything yet, just trying to get the commands working properly first.  After that I am unable to turn off the arm button on the track.  The midi track recorded  has note 127 at the beginning of the track.  I am also unable to stop the clip from playing except to delete it.  Mouse will not stop the overall app from playing, so Ableton just keeps playing.  Pedals no longer do anything in Live.  
3.  Once I send commands from FCB1010 to Ableton the APC 40 goes haywire, lights up different buttons in a strange way and does not work.

I would like to use button 6 to arm a track, button 1 to start recording a clip, and do the same thing with the other tracks build clips in a scene.
Any ideas on where to start?


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