Re: Conflict with controllers in Ableton? FCB1010 midi mapping works then fails


The FCB1020 script is purportedly an APC40 Emulator.  I've never used it, but from the Readme on Github, it does exactly what it says.  It sends commands to Ableton emulating and APC40.  So, yeah, it would Definitely mess up the hardware APC40 (Guessing that 'MPC40' was a typo.  Akai's naming scheme leaves a bit to be desired, but there is no MPC40).  And then you programmed the FCB1010 to send notes.  And then mapped those MIDI notes.  Wow....

The FCB1010 works fine with Ableton Live without a script.  In order for the script to work correctly, the FCB1010 has to send a specific set of MIDI commands that the script then translates to... something.  The README in the GitHub package details how to send the SYSEX for those MIDI commands to the FCB1010.  If you then program the FCB1010 to send something else:
  • The script might not be getting what it expects any more.
  • Unless you know exactly what the script does, you don't know how the MIDI you programmed into the FCB is going to affect the script.
  • The FCB1010 can send one note, two CC messages, and five PC messages for each button press.  Between the script and your custom programming/mapping, it could be trying to do several things at the same time, possibly (probably, from your description) interfering with each other AND sending who knows what to the actual APC40.

This is bound to give even FCB1010 pros a headache!!!  My advice:  Drop the script.  Yes, if you know Python, Ableton scripting, and that script, you could probably get them to coexist.  But it'll be a lot of work.  If you really feel you need that, have fun.  But there's a lot the FCB1010 can do without a special script.  I urge you to give that a try and see if it fills your needs.

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