Re: Conflict with controllers in Ableton? FCB1010 midi mapping works then fails

Len Brown

Thanks for the replies.  I decided to drop the script. As to the cable I am using a Midisport Uno that came with the FCB that I bought used. So I have no script loaded in Ableton only the in and out for Midisport Uno enabled for track and remote.  I disconnected the APC40 (not MPC40!) and mapped FCB pedal one to the record button on track one and mapped pedal 2 to the clip transport button that is only visible in midi map mode in Ableton.  Pedal one toggles the record button just fine.  I arm record with pedal one, push pedal two to record and get the behavior above in Ableton (unable to to stop the clip, FCB commands do nothing) I then went to the midi monitor website and pushed pedal one on the FCB.  The result is attached. In the FCB editor(pic attached) I only have a note being sent from the FCB yet I am getting a double entry in the midi monitor.  I then connected the APC40 and opened the midi monitor and noticed when I use the APC40 to arm track one to record I only get one entry in the midi monitor.  Any ideas or comments are greatly appreciated!



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