Re: Conflict with controllers in Ableton? FCB1010 midi mapping works then fails

Len Brown

Thanks for the responses EJ and ossandust.  And thanks EJ for going to the trouble of creating the sysex file and posting.  So I downloaded MidiOX to monitor.  I loaded up EJ's sysex into the FCB. Opened MidiOX to monitor. When MidiOX is running alone I get the expected CC messages from the FCB. Open Ableton.  Mapped button 6 to toggle record, button 1 to the clip controller. Push button 6 to arm the track, Push button 2 to launch and record a new clip.  Clip records then I get the same bad behavior in Ableton as before.  Go to MidiOX and the monitor is scrolling endlessly with command after command.  Attached is a screen shot of Ableton's midi set up and mapping. Also attached is a Midi Ox screen shot with four lines which is what I get pushing pedal 6 and 1 with Ableton running.  The second MidiOX screen shot with two lines is what I get pushing pedal 6 and 1 after I closed down Ableton.  Looks like Ableton is not processing the commands properly? 

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