Re: FCBUNO 2.0 and dropped Catalinos

Roger Gentile

How unlucky i just got two uno 1.04 chips 10 data ago... talk about bad luck

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Friday, 24 April 2020, 03:55pm +02:00 from ossandust ossan.dust@...:

In all honesty, when it's about getting novices on the right track all thanks should really go to EJ, chris_w63 and several other group members who are very active on this forum and very responsive to all kinds of questions. I have been very absent here, except maybe for the last few weeks - being a corona crisis victim as so many others, temporarily out of a job. Which actually has some advantages too. Like suddenly having so much free time that I decided to create brand new firmware for the FCB1010 - with a brand new editor. Much more flexible than the current UnO firmware. Not ready for release just yet, but I'm mentioning it already because I heard the OP complaint : "I would like to have been warned" ...  

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