Hot-Rodded FCB Stuff For Sale #for_sale

Chris Eloranta <chriseloranta@...>

Hi All,

For any who may be interested, I'm selling off some gear.  This includes the pedalboard I constructed for a previous project, which includes:
  • Gordius Little Giant Module in good condition
  • FCB1010 with Gordius firmware and Phantom Power modifications (FCB Uno or original FCB Firmware also available included or separate, if I can find them in my closet)
  • Three Boss FS-5U external momentary foot switches
  • 2-channel Effects Looper for bringing two guitar stomps in/out of the signal chain (Controlled by Contact Closure on the Gordius)

Or, if anyone out there feels inspired to adopt the whole pedalboard as a project, let me know. (DIY enthusiasts in British Columbia only: There's no instruction manual and I can't imagine how I would ship it.) 

It is partially deconstructed, but I believe all the parts are still available.  In addition to the above, it includes  1xMIDI IN, 4xMIDI out, jacks for off-board foot switches, two locking wall wart power strips to power all the included electronics, and a connection port for iPhone hardwired MIDI.  I've also got all the expensive right-angle connectors required to keep this thing stageworthy and as 'sleek' as possible.  The whole thing is 5 feet wide and weighs a lot, but it actually folds up for transport, if you can believe it!  

If it floats your boat, I also hacked a cheap Playstation 3 'Rock Band' keytar as a phantom powered MIDI controller, and the board has a custom port for this.  Would consider selling.

I'm keeping the stomp boxes on the right-hand side of the photo. 

Fun story, I once received a 'slow clap applause' from record producer "Gggarth" Richardson when he saw this thing.

Let me know if any of you are interested in either the board or the parts.




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