Re: New firmware release : "UnO2" v.1.0 #announcement


Hi Xavier, hi all,


So the TinyBox Editor is mainly like UnO 2 Editor, yes?

Can I also use Tiny Box to monitor my AxeFX status on my PC or tablet (instead of fcb1010 status)?

And can I display the status of another midi controller (which is not fcb1010)?


I’m a bit overwhelmed with all the features...





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Betreff: [fcb1010] New firmware release : "UnO2" v.1.0 #announcement


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I just released brand new firmware. 

"UnO2" is not a successor for the current "UnO" firmware. It's a shrinked down version of the TinyBox firmware (, which takes a completely different approach : 

- any mix of presets, stompboxes, momentary effects possible in each bank

- any number of MIDI messages possible in each preset, on any MIDI channel. 

More info on , where you will also find a link to the manual. 

In the end this became a huge project, of a completely different scale than the UnO firmware (by the time I wrote down all features in detail, the manual was 50 pages long... ) 

The firmware comes with an editor included. The editor can be tried out online : 

and a few examples of the possibilities and programming syntax can be seen here :

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