Re: New firmware release : "UnO2" v.1.0 #announcement


On Sat, May 23, 2020 at 12:28 PM, violet_quartet wrote:

So the TinyBox Editor is mainly like UnO 2 Editor, yes?

Can I also use Tiny Box to monitor my AxeFX status on my PC or tablet (instead of fcb1010 status)?

And can I display the status of another midi controller (which is not fcb1010)?

TinyBox ControlCenter contains a setup editor which looks identical to UnO2ControlCenter, except that the used "programming language" supports more commands than UnO2. But next to this setup editor TinyBoxControlCenter also contains additional applications : a setlist manager to upload lyrics or music scores, an FCB1010 status window, a MIDI monitor, and a webserver for hosting the remote status page.
The TinyBox design has had many iterations over the past years. At one stage the idea was indeed to provide a status display for any MIDI controller, but that was a huge job: it would require a user friendly way to design a custom controller layout and to map all aspects of the controller status to that layout. In the end I changed the design to make it a dedicated FCB1010 add-on, with a dedicated FCB1010 status screen. Apart from that at one point I have released a dedicated "TinyBox4Kemper" a few years ago, which indeed showed the Kemper Profiler status on a tablet, but I no longer plan to work on such brand specific solutions - would be too expensive to buy those units just for R&D purposes (Mr. Kemper was kind enough to lend me a unit for free)

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