Re: Jack Fenton


Wow.. I got that one wrong!  Sorry, I thought the BomeBox connected to a computer via USB, too.  Odd that they don't have that option, since the USB connector for power is right there.  Thanks for setting me straight.

I really have to wonder.. if the new firmware is really incompatible with two different iConnectivity boxes - Two of the better MIDI interfaces available today IMO, what is it actually going to work with?

On 5/23/2020 12:19 PM, Jack Fenton via wrote:
MIO 1 is just a iCOnnectivity cable with a converter box inline so it is just called the mio I think

All of my interfaces work with UnoControl Center. None of them work with the web interface.

As far as BomeBox, it does not have USB connection to a host as a device if I were to try that it would be using a network connection to my PC. The BomeBox USB interface is host only (like a PC).

I guess, I could hook up my FCB1010 to its DIN ports, and then connect to my PC via network and try network MIDI from the web site, but is seems silly since I would never use such a configuration.

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