Re: New firmware release : "UnO2" v.1.0 #announcement


On Sat, May 23, 2020 at 03:33 PM, Jack Fenton wrote:
if I can't see how much memory my current configuration will use, I will not not if I have to use a TinyBox.
Hi Jack,
- you don't need any MIDI-USB connection to check how much memory your configuration will use. Just use the online editor at  You can create a setup with that editor and in the lower status bar it will say how much percentage of the FCB1010 storage it uses. If it's above 100% it won't fit.
- I have the same experience of MIDI in the browser being unreliable (already much better than a few years ago but still...), so it's better to test with the monitor at  - the test is in the menu Help > Purchase UnO2 license

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