IMPORTANT: Group Funding Renewal Request #announcement #donations

Roger Colwell

Brief History
When FCB1010 and FCB1010_UnO groups were successfully migrated from Yahoo Groups to (GIO) in October 2019, in order to maintain/store all previous data (which Yahoo has since deleted), it became necessary to purchase a GIO Premium Yearly Plan in order to complete that migration.

We have so far enjoyed the GIO experience, with no annoying ads or delays/outages (as per Yahoo), so this Special Notice is a request for members to make a small contribution towards the upkeep of FCB1010 and FCB1010_UnO, as our subscription is due for renewal in October.

As the vast majority of original members (from Yahoo) have seemingly never needed to visit our website then, if you are one of those members, you will not have seen the Donations tab in the main menu. I'd very much appreciate you take a look before October, please – you will be presented with a login page when you visit this URL: that looks like this:

As you will probably not have set a password to login successfully, you can choose to be emailed a link to login. You will arrive at this page:

From here you can click on the "Forum Running Costs" link and arrive at this page:

Please note that the "Raised So Far" amount may well be different than shown (well, at least that's my hope) :-)

To conclude this request, all I would like to add is that for those who are UnO group members, with your own Donations page, you may either visit the main group's page (as you are already members of the main group FCB1010) or you may start a similar path from:

Thank you in anticipation of your continued support, on behalf of myself and the moderators ...

Roger Colwell
FCB1010 and FCB1010_UnO Groups Owner/Moderator

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