Expression Pedal Output Sticks


My FCB1010 with the original Behringer "FCB1010 V2.5" chip has the appearance of a "sticking" expression pedal. The pedal is moved slowly -- no output, then all of a sudden jumps to action if the amplitude of movements is high enough and then skips some of the midi control values. During the calibration stage, where the HEX numbers are shown in the foot controllers LED of the expression pedal positions, no "sticking" behaviour, so I suspect this is a limitation of the Behringer firmware. I used my DAW to view the expression pedal outputs. Read some posts on this forum and suspect it is a purposeful hysteresis. For me this feature makes the expression pedal useless, as I need fine control.

If I can confirm that it is the Behringer original firmware that is at fault, I could upgrade it to a third party developer like UNO.

An email to Behringer support says they have never heard of such a thing and tell me to send the unit off for repairs -- right, wait three weeks to tell me there is nothing wrong with it. Not going there for the moment.

Can anyone confirm if my suspicions are correct regarding "sticking" expression pedal output and that replacing the chip with say UNO will correct this problem. I would get the UNO from the UNO developers, hopefully they can mail to New Zealand, no response from them yet.

Thanks in advance,

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