Re: Expression Pedal Output Sticks


Thanks. I have seen similar suggestions as yours. I have popped the lid and had a look at those graduated grey plastic stripsĀ  and gently touched the edge of them, they appear in tact. So far the posts I have seen in relation to a rotated strip is not getting a full 0 to 127 midi CC response, I do get full response.

Thanks. Had a peek, angle looked ok.


Thanks, most appreciated, assume you are the Uno developer?

Makes sense what you say regarding the fictitious analogue signal due to noise in the power signal. Sounds like the Behringer engineers took the easy route and put in a big dead zone instead of fixing the power supply, or am I being a bit harsh? If I ever get that problem a power filter may solve it.

Good to see your Uno has lifted this restriction. For my FCB1010 and the mains supply I have the noise does not seem to be a problem evidenced by the unfiltered digital signal during expression pedal calibration stage, where the HEX LED output rarely oscillates during no pedal movement and if it does only by 1 unit.

For your latest UNO firmware, what is the minimum midi output change?

Will make sure to check your site for shipping to New Zealand before I finalise my eprom purchase choice.

Ian Ockwell-smith,
Thanks for the video link, funny I already viewed that video before I saw your response :) .

Thanks all for your tips.

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