Re: New User: sysex send and some midi hand holding


Part 2

Reaper is just fine for your purposes. In order to make it happen you add a track with a VSTi (virtual instrument) with the input set to the MIDI interface that the FCB is attached to, set to MIDI Channel 1 (FCB default). If you're using more than one VSTi at a time you set each to the MIDI Channel that you want it to listen on (the MIDI Channel that the FCB is sending the message on). While you can send multiple PC (Program Change ) messages on separate channels, CC (Continuous Controller) and NOTE messages are set Globally. That means that while you can change presets on multiple VSTi's on multiple channels, CC and NOTE messages are always (in all FCB presets) sent on ONE channel. except for the Expression Pedals, whose channels can be set per FCB preset.

Using the UNO2 Chip you can get around these limitations, but it requires actual programming in a special editor.

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