Re: fcb1010 as bass pedals: sysex transfer fail and vst change handholding


Ergh.  There is no note 128.  Note numbers go from zero to 127.  There's something wrong, and it's most likely your interface.  What are you using for MIDI to USB?

There are dedicated VST hosts, but all the ones I've seen are designed to host one at a time.  If you have Reaper, you really don't need anything else.  Set up your VSTs, and set the FCB1010 to toggle the Enable for the track.  It's not ideal, as disabling a track immediately cuts off sound, but it's easy to do.  A more 'robust' way to do it is to use a MIDI send track, and change which track it sends to using MIDI.  I'm not sure Reaper can do this, but I know I can make it work in Ableton Live.

You could just toggle Mute for each track, but remember that all of the tracks will still be 'running' as far as the computer is concerned.  If you have too much stuff going on, you'll overload it and start getting clicks and cutouts.

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