Re: TinyBox


Wow.  this seems totally revolutionary to me. 
I have so many questions, but to get started ... 
The FCB1010 is equipped with an Un0 chip?  Any version?
And is the midi / power cable a standard 5 or 7 pin MIDI? Once programmed, the TinyBox/Pi power supply powers the FCB too?  too cool !!! 

My other general questions are aboutMIDI routing - MIDI is being sent and received by the TinyBox and/or the FCB?  
I assume this is the place to ask these things.

I think I'm beginning to get it (slowly).  The FCB GUI on the iPad really brings it to life for me.  I'll just need to get it and play with it for a pandemic or two.  
I'm very excited.
thank you !!!

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