Re: TinyBox


This is pretty awesome!  So as far as I know, even Uno (1) doesn't allow the FCB to change state in reaction to received MIDI.  So this has to be the Uno2 chip in action???  You said in the release announcement that it was a smaller version of the TinyBox software.  Yet you have the TinyBox connected to the FCB in the video.  Is there a default setup to get them working together?
And it's connected with one cable that does MIDI In, MIDI Out, and power.  I'd like to know about that mod, too!  Has to be at least a 6-pin DIN.  Is it the standard All In One cable mod that's been around for years?  And it looks like the TinyBox is wired for it directly, so it needs that mod or a special cable...   Inquiring minds want to know!  :-)

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