Re: TinyBox


For your info : I started a separate TinyBox specific user group : 

- the TinyBox purchase includes a specific firmware chip for the FCB1010, which turns it into a dummy slave for the TinyBox
- TinyBox connects with the FCB1010 through a 7-pins MIDI cable, so the FCB1010 needs to be equipped with a "Single Cable Kit" : FCB1010 Single Cable Kit  
- With this kit installed TinyBox does power the FCB1010, so no more mains cable needed for the FCB1010
- MIDI is being sent/received by the TinyBox only - there is a MIDI IN and a MIDI OUT connector, with a MIDI filter/mapper in between to transform MIDI which is passing through. And there is USB-MIDI IN/OUT to control software with the FCB1010 or to use the TinyBox as regular MIDI-USB interface. Lots of detailed info about MIDI routing in an appendix of the user manual ( from p.65)
- the "UnO2" firmware is a shrinked down version of what's inside the TinyBox. It doesn't have any of the "MIDI filter/mapper" functionality, and it relies on the FCB1010 setup storage capacity, which is 1% of the TinyBox storage.  

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