Re: TinyBox


Thanks ossandust. Your TinyBox has me intrigued.  Being both a keyboard and violin player, and in particular with the later, I do not have my hands free to trigger off things with a mouse or computer keyboard combinations, only have my feet to trigger off things. I use predominantly Ableton Live (lite). If have the FCB1010 with the original Behringer chip and am looking into the Uno offerings, i.e. Uno, Uno2 or TinyBox, since I am hitting the limits of what the OEM chip can do.

Standard midi message ok with Ableton, I can get by, but Ableton does not allow midi messages to control things like delete clip (I just recorded), so it can be used like a regular looper. Sure if I get Ableton Max I could program it, but at the moment that is way beyond my budget. So have you or any one else used the TinyBox to control Ableton Live much like Ableton's Push hardware? If so, could this be done with the Lite version of Ableton?

Thanks for the video.

I will have a peek at the group especially for the TinyBox.

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