FCB1010 OEM Rel 2.5 Firmware known bugs


Does any one have a list of known bugs of the FCB1010 with the original OEM (Behringer) firmware release 2.5?

I am digging further into the more advanced "features" of this foot controller and finding more bugs and "outright annoying design features".

Some of these I have already mentioned in previous posts, but to keep it complete here is my list:

1) Bad feature: initial expression pedal movements will only register output if it changes by 10 or more units.
2) Bug: When the midi merge function is used, the output data gets mangled. Example, midi keyboard playing notes feeds into foot control midi input, foot controller sends expression pedal output.
3) Bug: SysEx dump of button assignments some times gives values consistent with what the hardware LED shows and some times not. Looks as if extra bytes are inserted randomly. I used Reaper to read the data then mapped it out in a spreadsheet. I looked at the first 5 buttons and it's a mess. Refs. [1] and [2] give an idea of what data is in there, but this is not exact either. Initially I had very little faith that when I send this SysEx data back to the foot controller that it will do it correctly. So I did some checks, save the output SysEx data, send it back to the foot controller, then back out again and compare the SysEx dumps -- no change, also checked button assignments using the foot controller LED no change as required. I then changed on byte of the SysEx where I know what bank, button and function it refers to, sent this back to the foot controller and used the foot controller LED to check the assignment: assignment change seen and was correct. From this I conclude the SysEx format is not regular, i.e. if you determine the SysEx format for one button for one bank, these will not necessarily appear by a constant memory offset for the next button. This renders Ref. [1] and [2] not accurate for version 2.5 OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) firmware. Whether the third party readers of the FCB1010 SysEx dump get it right or not for OEM firmware 2.5 is unknown.

Ref. [1] Source of _home_httpd_data_media-data_2_FCB1010_SysEx_Structure-.pdf

Ref. [2] Source of 248-6208-behringer-fcb1010--40933.pdf

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