Re: FCB1010 + TSE X50 + Reaper + LoopMIDI?

Tim Brown

I don't think at this point, I'll come close to 50 presets, so that's probably not an issue for me.  But just to be clear, what is the difference between "bank" and "preset"?  I feel like I may be using the wrong word.
If I'm reading your last post correctly, I can setup pedals 1-5 (which is about all I'd need for what I'm trying to do) as CC's only.  Each pedal would send a different CC# to switch things on and off in the VST's via MIDI Learn in the DAW.  And I could save that setup as one....preset or bank?

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Yeah, with the stock chip you only get the one toggling CC per preset. To do what you want requires the UNO Chip.

When you use a LEARN function, it records the first message received. The FCB send order is PC1,PC2,PC3,PC4,CC1,CC2,PC5, NOTE.

You can set as many pedals as you like to send CCs (any values in any Bank). For instance, set pedals 1-5 as CC, pedals 6-10 as Preset (Program Change).
However, you'd have to set up each Bank that way, and you'd be limited (in that scenario) to 50 Presets (10 Banks x 5).

The UNO chip keeps the CC pedals the same and simply changes the Preset values per Bank. That gives you access to 19 Banks of 5 Presets (95 Presets), with your five Stomps on each Bank (Stomp CCs are always to same, you can't use different values in each Bank).

Compromises either way.

If you're into programming, the UNO2 Chip allows you to set up the FCB pretty much any way you want. It's pretty simple BASIC style code, but it is programming.

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