Re: FCB1010 + TSE X50 + Reaper + LoopMIDI?

Tim Brown

I'd appreciate that.  I'll definitely give it a look.  Thanks for taking the time to try to help me out.  I think I'm getting myself confused on terminology.  I have a suspicion when I get home and pull my gear out, I'll find that (1.)  PC change was still clicked in the editor and (2.) I should have been using "preset" when I meant pedal and "bank" when I meant preset.  But at any rate, I appreciate your help.

On Tue, Jun 30, 2020 at 9:49 PM EJ SHELDON <bluesrock13@...> wrote:
The stock FCB has 10 Banks, numbered 00-09. Each Bank has 10 Presets. By default these presets (000-127) are set up 10 per Bank.
A preset can send up to 8 MIDI messages. Each message can be assigned to a different MIDI Channel, BUT those channels are GLOBALLY assigned. So, for instance, if PC1 is assigned to MIDI Channel 1, PC1 will always send on MIDI Channel 1, in ALL presets, in ALL Banks. The exception is the Expression Pedals, which can be set to transmit on different channels in each preset.

Any number of pedals (out of the 10 available in each Bank) can be set up to send CC only. I only suggested 5 because that is what the UNO Chip does.
If all you need is 10 Presets, you could set up each Bank to call a Preset (or multiple presets at once in different VSTs), and have 9 buttons to use as Stomps.
You could, for instance, have 10 different amp presets (one in each of 10 Banks), with each bank having it's own custom Pedal Board with 9 effects.

As for LoopMIDI, I looked it up. It's not what you want. What that person was thinking of is MIDI Translation SW. BOME is the premier example, but MIDIOX can do translation (PC only) and there's probably other translation utilities for MAC.

With your extensive knowledge of MIDI, I wouldn't think about it, as it's not at all necessary for what you want to do.
Of course, you COULD take the time to learn a whole bunch of MIDI stuff, but wouldn't you rather play guitar?

Tell you what. Somewhere in the Cloud I have a sample FCB sysex that I made up for somebody else in your situation. After dinner I'll see if I can find it, and send it out to you to try. Sound good?

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