Re: CC also sending PC on Expression Pedal

David Grosz

So mnay things but are you using the stock chip or UnO or Eureka prom? 

Do you use and editor?

Midi is a funny thing when something unexpected happens but assuming you said by assigning a bank of FCB presets to the expression pedals I'm going to guess you are programming the pedals manually but midi only does what its told to do and somehow you have a PC message set also.    Remember you have 10 banks of 10 presets that each can have 5 different PC messages, 2 CC messages. 2 expression pedals and a note value, so saying you have a bank dedicated to the expression pedals you are following this chart attached for assigning the pedals.  Very cool amp, I did not know they made such a thing and being able to control so many things with the pedals is a nice touch. 

Depending on which chip you have get a midi/usb cable and the free FCB1010 editor it will make things easy to program and even easier to trouble shoot something like this.  Stock the FCB1010 comes with a PC message pre programmed so if your new to this and just programmed the pedals per switch it also has a PC message that will have to turned off so you just get the pedal value.  In the editor you have a panel where you set your values for each switch like the image I posted and using an editor saves so much time

On Tuesday, July 28, 2020, 8:07:38 AM PDT, rdhanson.atl@... <rdhanson.atl@...> wrote:

Hi All:

I've been setting up the FCB to give me ultimate control of my Fender Cyber Deluxe. So far I can access all my amp presets, and now I'm trying to add the ability to modify parameters. I've programmed a bank of FCB presets to just change CC for Expression Pedal A. It does that, but it also changes the Amp Preset to 00. Any idea on how to eliminate that?

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