Re: Simultaneous foot presses

Dale Newton

Jack what do mean by the on the back end of the FCB?  Another microprocessor receiving the output from the Eureka Prom, or software translating the midi output from the Eureka Prom when it receives multiple presses?

On Sat, Aug 8, 2020 at 6:00 PM Dale Newton <d.e.a.newton@...> wrote:
OK thanks hopefully someone with different firmware will be able to confirm.
Yes, if I have to I would probably put an Arduino in there and learn how to program it. I guess when you do with yours you'll have to figure out what kind of signal is being fed to the FCB board from the matrix, then hook the matrix up to inputs on the arduino and program it to react accordingly. Is that what that would involve more or less?

On Sat, Aug 8, 2020 at 4:19 PM Ashley J Gittins <ash@...> wrote:

From memory the switches are in a matrix with diodes, so the key matrix itself should support simultaneous presses, but I don't know about the cpu. I suspect the hardware's quite capable, but the software is probably ignoring it.

If uno supports it in stompbox mode (I would expect it does but I've no idea) that would confirm that the hardware can handle it. I only have the behringer firmware so can't help much there.

I'm planning to replace the mainboard in my recently acquired fcb1010 with an arduino or similar which will happily handle simultaneous presses, but that might be more modding than you're looking for!

You can of course program multiple actions on a single pedal hit, but that might not do what you need.



On 2020-08-08 20:47, Dale Newton wrote:

Are there any FCB1010 firmwares or mods which allow simultaneous foot presses?
I have the standard chip and this is not possible, as when you press two switches at once the first press is registered but the second not. So  for example if you want to use it to send midi to switch instrument, or  press sustain on a piano synth, and apply an effect, these cant be applied at the exact same time, rather you have to press the first switch then release then press the second.
Anyone know if this is a hardware limitation (eg. button matrix which doesn't allow keyboard type n-key rollover)?

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