Re: Simultaneous foot presses

David Grosz

I think this has been a great thread with some great information along the way and thank you for asking the question we all I think learned something along the way and not everyone uses it in the same way or to do the same things but its awesome to take a product and turn it into something so else hardly comparably to the original

On Sunday, August 9, 2020, 1:50:46 PM PDT, Dale Newton <d.e.a.newton@...> wrote:

Thanks Ossandust.  So, if one button is pressed down then another is pressed down while it's still depressed, both will send midi, then both releases will also send midi?

The potential usefulness of two simultaneous midi signals in music composition and performance are practically unlimited (eg. Earth.Sky.Surf5's suggestion of an organist's pedal; pedals for a pianist, patch changes and effects). 

For the sake of the quality and brevity of information in this thread, anyone who wishes to insist this functionality has no usefulness (rather than ask about it), or insist on how I plan to use or not use the device (rather than ask about it!), if you must send messages of this kind please send them to me in a private message.

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