Reginaldo Frazatto Jr.

Hello everyone!

I had my FCB1010 stored for many years and thought I would never use it but an iPad and all the new guitar apps changed everything.
I am using UnO 1.0.4 and downloaded some SysEx files from the group and finally was able to control THU, Amplitube and ToneStack fairly well.
But the problem started when ToneStack started to shut down after changing presets and turning stomps on and off. I read the this might be related to CC messages.
Using FCB1010Stetup I tried to create an SysEx to solve the problem. This is still very confusing to me. 
At the end I forgot to save the SysEx that was working well (with THU and Amplitube) and cannot recreate it.
Can someone help me?
 I used a midi monitor to record what I had before and what I have now, when I press foot switch 1.




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