MainStage Hanging Noters w/ FCB1010?


Has anyone had a problem in MainStage 3 w/ FCB1010 & hanging notes? I’ll play a synth pad/patch for 30-60 seconds and within that time I’ll get a note that will just sustain indefinitely. This could be a large annoyance for performing live. 

I use MainStage w/ Jamorigin's MidiGuitar 2.

1 in every maybe 50-60 notes will sustain indefinitely. It happens with all of the virtual instruments, but seems to happen quicker and more frequently when I use a synth pad or when playing chords. I tried to create a new session, and at first it was working. I was using the same pad that was giving me trouble, but this time I had 0 issues. I began to build my setup back and program more patches back into the session, but then it started to happen again. The other thing I tried was adjusting the buffer size, which seemed to improve it at first, but eventually gave out. Could it be a storage issue with my mac? Maybe a technical issue of either my Roland UM-ONE or Behringer FCB1010 not properly sending the NoteOff signal?

After a little trial and error, when I took out the Roland UM-ONE/Behringer FCB1010 and just went the MG2 straight with MS3 there were no hanging notes and I played for awhile. When I plugged in the footcontroller again, they came back. One thing which is weird is that I programmed two different synth patches, one is just a synth pad, the other is that synth pad but with a synth lead on top of it, for some reason when a hanging note gets stuck if I just switch to the other patch about 95% of the time it will let go of the note. Not sure why that is the case. When using the foot controller with just straight guitar effects like Phaser/Flanger built into MS3, it operates fine. The foot controller operates fine when using the standalone version of MG2. This problem is just very specific to using virtual instruments on MainStage3, MG2, and the Behringer FCB1010 all at the same time.

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