Re: Help


Any chance you could use a different MIDI monitor?  I've never seen that one, but MIDI OX and Protokol are good ones for PC.  Also, include what you wanted the preset to send (I assume it was the PC message, but it's hard to tell for sure).

The one you used is substituting names for the CC numbers, but many MIDI device manufacturers ignore the standards.  For instance, the one it calls Portamento Control is probably CC 84 - if it used the standard.  But it calls what I think is CC 05 "General Purpose", which ignores the standard "Portamento Time", so who knows what they used to name them!  Likewise, CC 07 and CC 08, also called General Purpose, are Channel Volume and Balance.  And Channel Volume (CC 07) is one of the standards that pretty much everyone stuck with.  Since they aren't using that name, it makes me suspicious as to the rest, and wondering if it's one of the MIDI monitors that filters things out it doesn't understand.

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