Re: MainStage Hanging Noters w/ FCB1010?

Ron van Veen

I have the FCB connected to the MIDI-in of the novation SL. The novation is connected with USB to my MacBook. 
But in between I have the MIDI-thru and also send messages to my Casio.

I have the default 2.5 chip, not the UNO! In my setup no troubles at all!
I use channel 1 for messages to my Casio PX5S and channel 2 for Novation/MainStage.


Op 12 aug. 2020 om 20:16 heeft chrisw_63 <chrisw_63@...> het volgende geschreven:

I used to have a similar problem.  Kept messing with the Yamaha S90's settings, holding notes, etc.  Turned out to be the Tap Tempo function of the FCB1010 sending MIDI 'tempo' messages that somehow interfered.  To fix it, I set all my devices to different MIDI channels than the FCB's NOTE channel - that's the one that the Tap Tempo messages go out on.  Then I got the UnO firmware and turned Tap Tempo off for good.  I know, it would have been easier to set the NOTE channel to something else, but I was pretty new to MIDI at the time, and didn't have an editor, so it was much easier to change my DAW and keyboard rather than manually change the FCB1010.

If you want to rule out the UM-One being the problem, you could connect the FCB1010 to the 5-pin DIN on the Novation SL (I believe all the SL models have them, correct me if I'm wrong, please!). 

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