Re: MainStage Hanging Noters w/ FCB1010?


You're running MainStage, so it's a Mac.  Which processor is in it, and what speed?  Does it ever happen right after starting up, or does it usually happen later?

If you haven't done so yet, here's a video on how to make a "MIDI panic button" for MainStage.  What it does is send out an "All Notes Off" message, which should sjut down any sounds, including hanging notes.  Please note that if you hit the panic button and it takes more than a second for the hung notes to stop, it's probably an overloaded CPU that's causing your issues.  Make sure you don't have anything running in the background.

As for my questions above, if your Mac is older, it could be a slower processor, it could be overheating (which would force it to slow down), or a little of both.  An older computer (or even a newer one depending where it was kept) could have dust preventing cooling, or the heat-sink compound might have dried out.  (Please don't ask an Apple Store to fix either of these.  IF they agreed to do the work, and if you got your computer back in working condition, it could end up costing a lot unless you had AppleCare).  If you have a utility to watch the clock speed and CPU temp, I'd check that out... right after you check out another video that tells you how to set up MainStage to run as efficiently as possible.  If it is getting hot and 'throttling', you could try a laptop cooler (stand with fans - I'm assuming its a laptop).  I have a gaming laptop, and the fans work wonders at keeping the frame rate up.  While an older Macbook can run Mainstage just fine with most plugins, trying to run more than a few, or even a couple high-power ones like Omnisphere, could load down a gen 3 (Intel) or even a slower gen 5 processor.

Hope something here helps you.

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