Re: Sysex for all 12 scales


Well, there are 7 different notes in a typical scale, though most consider the octave root to be a needed part.  So that's 8 notes. The easiest arrangement would be to pick the ten most used keys and program them in, ten notes per key, one to a bank.  Or, at least, have the keys for that gig programmed in prior to playing.  Only having 8 or even ten notes of a scale to play is a little limiting, but it works.  Unless you're willing to invest (and I mean Inve$t) in a bass pedal controller, it's what you have to work with.

So the question really has to be: what are you using to sound the notes?  Hopefully whatever you're using has a Transpose function that can be controlled by MIDI.  Simply assign, for instance, 9 and 10 to Transpose Down and Transpose Up.  Then you have 1-8 as notes.  You could have each bank be a different musical mode.  Ionian (major), Dorian, ...Mixolydian, Aeolian (natural minor)...  Maybe have a jazz scale option - Pentatonic, etc..  The neat thing about modes with bass is:  If you find yourself wanting to play, say, B as a leading tone to the root C (or the seventh, whatever key), you can slide right up to Locrian and B is now your lowest note.  You could get really complicated with this.  Get a Bome Box and have it translate one of the pedals to send the MIDI you set as a Transpose message - then you'd have all ten switches as notes. If you're using a computer, it can do all the grunt work (cycle through patches for scales), and you could even transform your phone into a simple wireless MIDI controller to send the Transpose MIDI for you.

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