Re: Sysex for all 12 scales


I have used the stock standard FCB1010 to pitch shift select with Ableton Live. I created a backing clip or riff in midi, then put a midi pitch shift controller in front of the effect chain. The pitch selection stock standard can be absolute, like I, II, IV, VI for a common chord choice, but if you want a bit more spice and use chromatic shifts, I use a relative pitch shift via the ClyphXPro add-on (one button for up one semitone, another button for down a semitone). It’s like playing the chord buttons of a piano accordion but with your feet. Depends what you are used to, I play the piano accordion so am used to the perfect fifths intervals of the chord buttons and would set up the FCB1010 that way. But hey configure however you like. If your backing track is audio, then an octaver from Melda Productions can be used, it has the option to select the interval via midi notes, which could be set with the FCB1010. 

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