Re: Need Help FCB1010 + AT4 on Logic Pro X

Cem Solak

Hi Ej 

I did that, I've changed my FCB1010's midi channel as "2" by using on-board controllers (footswitches, no editor used) still, no joy :( any other suggestions?


EJ SHELDON <bluesrock13@...>, 24 Eyl 2020 Per, 04:40 tarihinde şunu yazdı:

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Logic will never see the FCB1010. It WILL see the MIDI interface that it's connected to. I'm not sure how Logic works, but most DAWs require you to bring in the MIDI signals on a MIDI track, then point the Output of that track at the track where AT4 is loaded.
You only have to worry the MIDI Channel if something you're sending from the FCB is also assigned to the Logic UI. If Logic does strange things when you operate the FCB, go into the FCB Global settings and change the global MIDI channel to something other than Channel 1.

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