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matt kaine

The answer to your question is yes, but IF I understand what you actually mean, then the answer is no.

The FCB1010 is a midi remote controller. It tells another device to do something. Very much like a tv remote tells a tv to change channels or adjust volume. The remote does not create the video or the sound, just tells the tv to make a change. The FCB1010 must be connected to another device that actually does something.

In the video looks like he is just turning on/off a distortion effect, which is likely built into that pedal. If the FCB1010 is connected to an midi amp, amp simulator, or effects simulator the FCB1010 could trigger a similar effect. But understand the FCB1010 is just telling the other device to make a change.

If all you have is the FCB1010 then it will not do anything, just like a remote without a tv won't do anything.

Do you have other equipment that would connect to the FCB1010? If so we may be able to help you get it to do what you.want.

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Subject: [fcb1010] General Question
From: David Kramer
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 Forgive me if I'm posting in an improper way. I just have a general
question and musical example.
I purchased an FCB1010 Controller several years ago for my son, put in
an UNO chip and it went back in the box.
My question is (If the video comes through) can the FCB 1010 do what the
lead guitar player in the video is doing with his pedal?
 Hope the video comes through.

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